• Kessara Chan

One day at a time.

Creating is a long road. Especially alone and having a full time job. So every little success or milestone should be celebrated (obviously in life as well). And this was a milestone I really enjoyed reaching: creating a promotional video for the mamas.

Creating animated videos is my actual work in real life. (for those interested, my work could be find on Being able to visually recreating everything I imagined for people to watch is something I dreamed of doing when I was kid. When I switched from research at the ETH to motion design that was another milestone of mine. So combining and motion graphic design was extremely gratifying to me.

Here it is: the way I imagine it.

The video is a mix of 3D and still photo animation. This combination allowed me to translate the mamas as realistically as possible but with an eery feeling in the background. I could not help but adding myself in the video but I wont tell you where I am...That's for you to find out :)

Talk to you soon again.


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