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Updated: Oct 7, 2019

"The mamas" has always been a project that I held close to my heart. I held it since almost 10 years already. After leaving the family house to move to Switzerland, I felt how important some simple things could be. Living in a house always full where food is cooking at anytime of the day and night was one of these things. The worst maybe was that I spent my first year in Zürich living in a dorm with no proper kitchen - blasphemy, am I right?

In my lonely hours I would think about home and what is it that I could actually call a "home". It's never been a bed or a roof. It was neither the free wifi (Slap! millenials) nor the place I lived my whole life that made me call a place "

my home, you see,was never a place - it was a moment. I realize that home was these moments were we would sit together and for a moment pause everything else. We would share our lives, our secrets, laughters, hopes and sadness. These moments were each and every dinner. Since then, I am grateful to all these homes I had the chance to visit over the years.

Studies, work, second work, new career, I never had the chance to go back to the mamas. Getting older makes you realize other things. Questions like "am I happy?", "Am I who I wanted to be?", "What are we all running after?". All these questions brought me back to the mamas. I thought then, if not now then when? Now it is.

With the help of mamas, I wish that I can create many more of what I call home. And I wish that you would be there too.

Welcome to the mamas.

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